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100 Days to 100,000 Email Subscribers

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Exactly 100 days from our exclusive webinar, we’ll all be a week into October, kicking off marketing efforts for the busiest shopping time of the year. But instead of shifting into gear a month or two before the holiday countdown really begins, competitive brands start prepping for the season now.

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So what is the most productive and impactful way a brand can prepare for the holiday season? By growing and/or building their email list – starting today. 

In this webinar, the hype-free marketing strategist Jay Baer and ShortStack’s CEO Jim Belosic will share with you the secrets and specific how-tos for hosting a major lead-generating online giveaway.

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Are you ready to grow your email list by 100,000 subscribers in 100 days?

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Please note that the virtual seats for this webinar will be limited. Enroll now before we’ve hit our maximum attendee allowance.